Why The Personal Is Always Political

Three years ago I attended President Donald Trump’s inaugural ball — decked out in a black funeral veil — and the night still haunts me.

Photo © Amber C. Snider | President Donald Trump’s Official Inaugural Ball, 2017
Photo © Amber C. Snider | Attendees lining up to take a photograph in front of the Seal of the President
Photo © Amber C. Snider | Photograph of Donald Trump’s Official Inaugural Ball — sans chairs
Photo © Amber C. Snider | The Trumps taking their first dance to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”
Photo © Amber C. Snider | Shadowing
Photo © Amber C. Snider | The beginnings of Trump’s inaugural ball

NYC journalist. Arts & culture, travel, magick, and healing | MA in Liberal Studies/Women’s Studies

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